Cheapest mechanical keyboard I can buy in Malaysia. At around MYR 184 (including shipping in peninsular Malaysia, via Shopee, June 26 2020) you could get blue, brown or red Outemu switch.

Context for the comparison

I’ve been using Filco Mejestouch brown key for 9–10 years for work and Ducky red, blue and brown cherry…

Building a Custom Workstation

Now it’s time to assemble all the components into a working machine. We are going to see the differences in installing an AMD vs Intel based platform, installing the Random Access Memory (RAM), Solid State Disc (SSD) and troubleshooting some issues when installing the OS. Previous part

Assembling the good stuff

Installing the Central Processing Unit (CPU)

As this…

Building a Custom Workstation

After planning and getting the components needed, now it’s time to check if my existing power supply unit (PSU, that was purchased and used 10 years ago, transported in a luggage via flight and then was put into storage 5 years ago) still works. …

Building a Custom Workstation

I have only a work laptop which of course only should be used for work. Personal projects or open source stuff strictly a no no. So I’d decided to build a machine for work… and a bit of gaming. Let’s see what kind things that need to be considered into…


Someone who bricked a motherboard after flashing the wrong rom because of trying to OC an intel celeron from 400mhz to beyond 600mhz in 3rd grade.

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