Kids….grown ups… what changed..

I have the opportunity of watching / observing closely my son grow up. I noticed that:

  1. Kids always fail. In fact failure is the norm and success is an exception. Failure to hold stuff, failure to walk, failure to stand and etc. I guess when you grow up you start getting “fatten up” by success and failure starts to make you feel frustrated and prevented you from doing things, when in fact failure is a normal thing.
  2. Kids will try anything. Putting stuff in mouth, chewing it, putting stuff in holes, corner or whatever space, even if the stuff may get wedged.When you grow up however, and also maybe because of being pampered by success you are afraid of failure so you tend to try stuff less, limiting your avenue of growth.

From the spirituality side, watching your kid grow up, it’s like going through refresher course. Besides appreciating you parents / guardian (which is given), it reminds you of what you should be, what’s “nature”. After all, kids need to be kids and act like one to be successfully growing into functional adult (they can properly walk, utilize their physical body, able to learn from failures they gone through) and I believe we need to keep being “kids” to be successfully growing to old age.

Disclaimer: Definition of successfully growing to old age will depend on individuals.

Written by

Someone who bricked a motherboard after flashing the wrong rom because of trying to OC an intel celeron from 400mhz to beyond 600mhz in 3rd grade.

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